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Learn Pro-desktop

Check out the online tutorials and learn pro-desktop. Note: You will need adobe acrobat reader (its free!).

View the prodesktop site >>
Download acrobat reader >>

More tutorial and information from the Prodesktop active user community.

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What is Pro/desktop?

Pro/DESKTOP is a 3D modelling tool for designers and students. Pro/DESKTOP is used by designers and engineers to model products in three dimensions. Create designs in an easy and flexible manner. Pro/DESKTOP allows engineers, designers and students to explore fully their product ideas. When you become used to the 3D modelling, and you need to do more with Pro/DESKTOP you can move onto Pro/ENGINEER. Pro/ENGINEER is the big brother of Pro/DESKTOP and is used in industry for 3D CAD design.

What does Pro/desktop do?

Pro/DESKTOP is easy to learn and use user interface. You can draw and create a 3D model of your product this is called solid modelling (Note: you can also sketch in 2D). Once your model is drawn you can render it using photo-realistic rendering options. Rendering is when image are mapped to the 3D models surface to give it texture. What do the final images look like I here you say well take a look for yourself at the ptc pupil design gallery:-

View the photoshop contest gallery click here >>

What do the tools do?

Take a look at the screenshots below to get an overview of some of the basic tools. Remember if you don’t know what a tool is rollover it and a small tag will appear saying what the tool does!

Tools screen 1

Tools screen 2

Tools screen 3

What next?: Try the spatula tutorials

Spatula tutorial >>

  Mr DT says 'Read the text above and then answer these questions below'. Write your answers on a sheet of paper, dont forget to write your name on the sheet!:-

1). What is Pro/DESKTOP?
2). What is Pro/DESKTOP used to do?
3). What is rendering?
4). If you need to do more with Pro/DESKTOP what tool would you move on to?

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