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Flickr the best free photo site! Search here for room picture, people and other objects.

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More free photos from sxc. You may need to sign up but its free.

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More free photos freom

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Or simply try the yahoo image search.

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Welcome to the sleeping mask advert photoshop tutorial

Within this tutorial you will learn the basics of Photoshop by producing a sleeping mask advert. You will use some slightly different tools than you did in the box advert tutorial. You will now need to follow the steps below.

1.) Download the PDF document photo shop tutorial file and follow the instructions.

2) Download the images below. Please save them in your my documents folder, but first create a new folder called ‘mask advert’ then save all these files there. Then follow the PDF document photo shop tutorial file instructions. Have fun!

Click to download files File size
Photo shop mask tutorial file (PDF) >> 597 kb
Image 1 (child) >> 49 kb
Image 2 (mask) >> 39 kb

Note: The tutorial is an adobe acrobat file, acrobat reader is free! To download acrobat reader click below:-

Download acrobat reader (FREE) >>

Final mask advert which you will produce:-

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