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Adobe photoshop tutorials

Free adobe photoshop tutorials.

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Packaging design

Learn more about packaging design from the design councils website.

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Free research images from Flickr!

Flickr images are free with a basic account, much better than searching through google images!

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Free research images from stock xchng!

Stock xchang images are free much like Flickr much better than crawling the net for images!

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Welcome Mr DT's graphics pages!

Pupils can revise or learn about graphics including drawing techniques, packaging, printing techniques, lettering, imagery, etc. Pupils can then try the ‘quiz time’ questions to test their graphic knowledge. Please select an option from the navigational panel on the left.

This site is still vey new and so is still in the process of being built. Many sections and content have not been added yet. The site will be continuously updated, so if the content you need is not there yet please be patient.

If you have any ideas on how to improve this website please email the webmaster.

Many thanks and have fun learning!











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